Criticizing v. Graciousness

​A criticizing heart evades victories, but a gracious heart invites triumph #growthmindset #GrowthHacking #AdvancedWarfare


The Battle for the Eyes

Pastor Bill Johnson states that David lost the battle, natural and supernatural, over his eyes. He is speaking of the incident involving Bathsheba. This was supposed to be a time when kings went to war. It was a time of victory and conquest. It was supposed to be a time of spoils and riches, but David decided not to be at war. He decided to remain in his quarters which led to deceit and eventually murder.

Likewise, this is a time when the kings should be at war. Only this war is a war to be fought through prayer. Oh the wondrous discipline of prayer! Even with such an awesome weapon, the king is capable of defeating himself or herself thru their eyes. You’ve heard it before….the eyes are the windows to the soul. They are the gateway to the heart, the entrance to the soul. These are the focal points of attack from the Enemy. They are extremely vulnerable and sensitive to demonic attack. The eyes are incredibly important to the victory of the intercessor.

Not only are they important to the intercessor, but to every person on earth. The Enemy does not care who you are or what title you hold. Regardless of whether you are a Christian or not; you have an enemy and he is after your soul. It just so happens that he has chosen the eyes. This is due to the fact that you use your eyes every waking moment of your life. The eyes have the ability to place impressions on the heart and mind that cannot be easily removed. They can express anger, delight, cheer, fear, regret, victory, or defeat. The list is endless and I believe you SEE my point.

The Lord has given the Believer the ability to resist this and to overcome it. In Job 31:1 Job states that he has made a covenant with his eyes. In Psalms 101:3-4 David affirms that he will set no abased thing before his heart. Matthew Chapter 5:8 declares that the pure in heart will SEE God.
In short, the enemy desires to distort your natural vision with wickedness in order that you do not receive the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

If the eyes are being deceived, as was Pharoah in Exodus 7:9-13, the heart then becomes hard and incapable of receiving the Word of God. Therefore, it is important that the people of prayer keep their eyes from evil. Pornography is a huge weapon of the Enemy to harden the heart. However this is not his on the only weapon. Technology driven, demonic enhanced movies are high in the arsenal of the wicked as well and they are gaining ground with every new movie release. Failure to secure our eyes from this attack will make us weak in prayer and during the time when kings should be at war (prayer) we will be in a state of distraction. Secure the eyes! See God!

My Warfare and My Worship

“There will come a time when you will have to change for the greater good of someone else. I pray, when that time comes, that you will have the fortitude to overcome every challenge!” – the Lord

A warrior has the innate ability to be a lover and a lover has the capability to transform into a warrior.  This is the image of Jehovah Gibbor! He is both: the Lover and the Warrior.

The previous statement is one of being conformed to His image and to be founded upon His Love.  It is the call to Worship whereby, in His presence, you experience being restructured, reconfigured, and reformed. It is a prayer for you to experience thirst, brokenness, and a crushed spirit that can only come by seeking the Lord. As this happens then one is free to serve others in worship to the Lord. (Ps. 34.18)

Exodus 15:2-3 states that the Lord is my Strength, He is my Song and that He is a man of war.  Herein lies the eternal essence of warfare and worship: Jehovah Gibbor.

Strength symbolizes the might of the Lord to overcome your enemy.  It symbolizes authority, dominion, and grace to the Believer.  (Eph. 3.16) It also speaks of relationship through prayer.  Jude 20 asserts that we have the ability to be built up in this Strength by praying in the Holy Ghost.  Song symbolizes the Love of God being the melody of the heart of His beloved.  (Rom 5.5)  It also embodies the mutual affection between two lovers.  Even as melody and rhythm unify to complete a sound, so does the Lord’s love and our love to Him join as one force to create a sound of victory. (Worship) The Lord is my Strength and my Song equals Warfare and Worship. 

Some may never understand how these two dichotomies may exist in one person.  I would only say that it is not for us to understand it as much as it is for us to experience it! Therefore, I say that the Lord is my Warfare and my Worship.  He is the lover of my soul! Others may not love my soul and are not even able to bear with me, but He who is in me fights for me! In Him I am always loved and victorious!

Jeremiah 20.11-13


Faith and Time …

Faith and Time

“Through faith we are capable of depositing spiritual substance into the space called “time”. Time is constantly unfolding and it reveals whatever you have put into it! Be sure to deposit faith in your time! This is done through prayer and confession!”


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The Importance of Faith in Worship

Faith is a spiritual force and when released in the life of a believer it has 
the ability to change circumstances and situations.  Dr. EB Herman.  

Faith is important for the Worshipper.  Not only is it important but it is necessary.  When you stand before God you must be so connected with Him that your worship begins to change circumstances and situations.  

Have faith in God, for the worshipper, means to be connected to Him in such a way that your words about Him cause an immediate transformation in your life and the lives of those involved in public worship.  

Have the God kind of faith, for the worshipper, means to allow the spiritual force of faith to flow through you in such a way as to change circumstances and situations.  This is how Christ operated as a worshipper.  

Know that whenever you speak well about God He will show up and execute the authority of who he is.  Know that whenever you speak about God that He will show up and be what you said.  

Faith is not a fad.  Worship is not cliche. Both are gateways for the entrance of His power.  Both, faith and worship, are the hands of God changing circumstances and situations for the better. Both are a means for God to touch His people.  

Therefore, faith is mandatory on the life of a believer.  This is the only way people can be healed, set free, and delivered by your worship.  This only happens when the worshipper is filled and over flowing with faith in God.